Technical Overview

The distinct primary difference between chemical luminescence (CL) and photoluminescence (PL) is that in the case of a chemical luminescence, for light to be emitted a chemical reaction has to occur which is activated by the user. An example of CL might be a Glow Stick, which is single use product which requires activation by mixing contents in the product by shaking or snapping the stick itself. This is in contrast to photoluminescence, wherein light is released without a chemical reaction because the PL materials have been charged by a light source and will discharge for some hours at a known rate. Since it needs no activation, it is suitable for emergency uses as well as repeated uses over many years.


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Title: How It Works Text:The cutting-edge, industry-strength technology in the GlowFlective line absorbs and stores ultraviolet light energy from natural and artificial light sources, releasing the stored energy as a pleasant, bright glow when darkness sets in. GlowFlective products are long-lasting, cost-effective, energy-efficient and low-maintenance – the perfect solution for any business owner or operator.
Title:PROPRIETARY SUSPENDED CRYSTAL STRUCTURE Text:Our pigments are more effective because of our unique suspensions of photoluminescent crystals which allow more of our pigments to receive charging light from the sun or artificial light sources. With lesser technology, only the top layer gets charged, so only the top layer glows.
Title:HIGHEST PIGMENT LOADS Text:Our suspension technology allows us to load much more pigment into our products — producing brighter and longer glowing light. So not only are our pigments brighter, we can load more pigments into our products than our competitors.


After only 5 minutes exposure each day to natural, or 30 minutes to artificial, light sources indoors & outdoors,GlowFlectiveâ„¢ products will glow for 6-8 hours and continue to be visible after 12 hours before they need to be exposed to light again to re-charge them.

Glowflective photoluminescent materials are uniquely formulated to produce pigments with the highest light output and slowest decay rates available. These pigments have been approved for use in applications under ul xxxx and usffa xxxxxx

GlowFlective products have been formulated by professionals and tested by professionals. UL tested and approved for use in emergency egress signs and path markers, SPOTdots use the same pigments and the same materials to increase safety and visibility in low light or no light conditions. Made in America, SPOTdots protect people wherever the live, work, play, and shop.