Frequently Asked Questions
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    Why are SPOTdots™ better than conventional exterior electric lighting solutions?

    Conventional exterior electric lights provide enough illumination, but rising fuel and electricity costs are causing people to rethink how much power they are using.  A SPOTdot™ uses its own self-contained and environmentally-friendly energy that it has stored from surrounding light sources or the sun during the day.  Therefore, it does not consume any energy and has no effect on monthly or annual operating budgets.

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    How easy is it to install a SPOTdot™?

    Very easy.  We encourage the use of DOT approved adhesives, or we can recommend specific adhesives for whatever material you will be covering with SPOTdots – wood, plastic, concrete, or asphalt.  If you currently use Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs) you already have the adhesives that you need.

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    What makes the SPOTdot™ glow?

    Within every SPOTdot™ there are photoluminescent crystals that allow the product to absorb and store energy from any light source.  It can then release this stored energy back out over time and it is the release of this energy which produces the glowing effect that you see.

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