Retroflective Technologies and GlowFlective


GlowFlective manufactures safety products that incorporate photoilluminescent (PL) and/or Retroreflective (RR) technologies and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blockaides, Inc. PL is the highest glow technology commercially available and some of our products combine PL technology with high-grade retroreflective elements. It is the combination of these two amazing safety technologies that served as the source of inspiration for the name of our company.

Our products are designed to promote safety in a myriad of industrial, commercial and consumer product applications.

High Security:Cutting our teeth in the high-security market manufacturing anti-terrorist barrier systems to protect embassies, banks, etc.
Expansion to Safety: Realizing people and property were suffering every day not from terrorist attacks but from common accidents involving vehicles and high-traffic public commercial spaces, we realized we could use our knowledge, expertise and experience to address this much larger Safety issues. More people were being affected by everyday accidents than by a terrorist attack and the odds are you will fall victim to one of these crashes before you do a terrorist attack. As a result, the Blockaides mission transitioned from one focused on helping to prevent terrorist attacks to the concept/mission of protecting people where they live, work, shop, play and eat.

In our continued efforts to innovate and provide products and services that work synergistically to increase Safety and fulfill the Blockaides Mission, we have co-developed a new line of Safety products, with our Strategic Partner Glow Zone Inc.  The combined knowledge and experience gained through our exclusive strategic partnership with Glow Zone Inc., a world leader in PL technology advancement, gives us the ability to make almost any product glow. The possibilities are endless and we are proud to say that all of our PL products are Powered by Glow Zone.